Tomorrow will get better



I keep thinking about the smurfs.

I’m not really sure why they actually became as popular as they did.  The show was confusing, at best, and irritating, at worst (I’m infinitely amazed by my younger self’s ability to listen to their cheery la la laaaa song over and over again without wanting to stab the world) and didn’t exactly have a plot so much as it had Gargamel wanting to be the biggest prick in the universe.  I was never sure if he wanted to eat the smurfs, or possibly turn them into gold and then eat them, or what.  They were a communist group, and Smurfette’s role in their society tends to get creepy if you think about it too hard.

What do you think it would have been like, being four inches tall, pursued by a balding, monk-man and living in an utopian mushroom house society?

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