I’ve been “hacked” by “cybergoons”

Here’s something neat:  Someone tried to hack into my WordPress account pretty hard a few weeks back.  Apparently.  I have long since deleted the email I got from good ol’ WP, but I distinctly remember the email, which detailed some bizarre activity noted around the web.  You see, dear reader, I have been the victim of some cyber thievery, in which this humble blog was the target.  The sad faces, neverending.  The tears, bitter.

Okay, that was a lie.  I was actually pretty ecstatic.  See, this blog is one that approximately five people actually read.  But for someone to actually take the time to try to brute force my humble password system?  That is a man/spambot who saw potential in good ol’ Tophat.  Someone took a look at my blog and thought to themselves, “this is a talented and reputable guy.  I’ll bet I can really use his account as a vehicle to sell penis pills and green coffee bean extract.”

Anyway, I don’t really have a whole lot for you kids tonight.  I have a few articles I was working on, so maybe I’ll try to get those up before Christmas consumes all my eligible free time.  Meanwhile, enjoy this terrible comic I drew.  Because why the hell not?

Pet insurance.  It’s a thing, even for turtles.

Pet insurance

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